Dasha Flash Foundation

Dasha Flash Foundation is a nonprofit organization that inspires children to be the best that they can be. It integrates creativity with learned values to encourage kindness within the community.


To bring children together to be creative with an act of kindness in mind.


It is a strong belief of the Dasha Flash Foundation that children who participate in creative acts of kindness not only engage in and learn from their creative undertaking, but also develop an understanding of charity and social consciousness in the act of performing good deeds.

The Process and Accessibility

Specifically, the community outreach programs of the Dasha Flash Foundation involve children using their creative gifts in the service of an individual or group in the community who may be in need and/or deserve acknowledgment and appreciation for who they are and for the efforts they put forth.

This “act of kindness” is further reinforced through public interaction and participation in venues easily accessible to all.

For information on the current and previous undertakings, please click here.

Art & Education


To apply creativity as a form of expression while engaging the child’s intellect on an educational level.


A collaboration is held with educators to develop creative, exciting and memorable activities for children within an educational framework. Each project is tailored to the specific objectives of the curriculum.

Workshops may include applying written word (such as poetry, story composition), Visual Arts (painting, drawing, photography, video), performing arts or a customized combination.

“It was a pleasure working with Marja. Everything was very organized and the children truly enjoyed the creative project.”


“Marja is a creative person who enjoys learning about new places, people, event and ideas. She then assists to weave a tapestry of words, creating custom-fitted activities for the class.”

C. MarletteTeacher

“It was fun giving ideas and words for poems and taking pictures too.”


“Thank you for helping us. I liked it a lot. It is fun working with you Marja.”


Wall of Kindness

Dasha Flash Foundation would like to express its’ gratitude to the following individuals and organizations. With your act of kindness,” Dasha Flash Foundation will continue to fulfill its acts of kindness in the community. We are forever thankful for your support:


Petrovski Family, Kaev Family, Jacoby Family, Timothy Thompson, Raymond Lee, Courtney Dumas, Lisa Ferguson, Charles Marr, Frank Centofanti

Past Supporters: